Month: December 2015

Iconic Filmmaker Bill Duke: The Benefits Of Meditation Saved My Life

The Benefits Of Meditation And Prayer Helped Iconic Hollywood Director Rise From The Ashes  Iconic Director & Actor Bill Duke: How Meditation Saved My Life from MME_Online on Vimeo. During MoreMentum Entertainment’s debut seminar series at the Los Angeles Film School, acclaimed actor and director Bill Duke (X-Men: The Last Stand, American Gigolo, Predator, Sister Act 2, Deep Cover, Menace II Society, Hoodlum, A Rage In Harlem, Not Easily Broken) revealed one of the darkest and scariest moments of his early life. Bill Duke told an intimate crowd of how the “CIA” had hatched a plan to use a poison-filled gas cloud to kill him…or so he thought. The troubling reality was...

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Powerful Emotional Acting Techniques: Hollywood Star Shares Secrets of Sir Anthony Hopkins

Powerful Emotion Acting Techniques: Hollywood Star Shares Secrets of Sir Anthony Hopkins How To Create Powerful Emotion in Acting: Hollywood Star Tells Acting Secrets of Sir Anthony Hopkins from MME_Online on Vimeo. Raz Adoti was only one of several notable panelists during our 2015 X-Perience Morementum Seminar Series, which was held in October 2015 at The Los Angeles Film School.  You can HEAR more of Adoti’s filmmaking insights, career advice and how he went from the London stage to American blockbusters by watching our exclusive video highlights. Raz Adoti’s break-out role in Steven Spielberg’s historical epic “Amistad” earned him critically-acclaimed success. That was just the tip...

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