Month: January 2016

The Life of David Bowie: Rock God & Alien Muse

Cataclysmic Sounds Rise Off Into Infinite Bliss: The Life of David Bowie (1947-2016) Why David Bowie’s Own Tragic & Beautiful Narrative Struck a Chord in My Heart The birth of a star is marked by a fiery event. A hallmark of it is a fanfare of explosions and a gravitational force so powerful that nuclear fusion is activated and the star begins to shine. The life of David Bowie exploded into earth’s atmosphere in 1967 with a self-titled album written entirely by him. At only 20 years of age, it showed signs of his genius and set the stage for what would...

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50 Sites to Help Filmmakers That Are Practically Free

MoreMentum Breaks Down 50 Sites to Help Filmmakers & Creatives That Cost Nearly Nothing…But Can Pay Off Tremendously Whether you’re a writer, director, actor, editor, voice over artist or just possess the need to create, yet need the right advice, more money, a better workflow, or just plain motivated, below are 50 sites to help filmmakers and storytellers just like you. Now, go create! Directing / Filmmaking Film Riot Nearly everything you want to know about making music videos to film is covered with a comedic “how to” twist. Filmmaker IQ Made by filmmakers for filmmakers, this site covers everything...

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61 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Succeed on Your Creative Path

Great Change is Only a Thought Away:  61 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Seize 2016     Inspirational quotes can do wonders in only a matter of seconds and inspirational quotes are some of the best motivational advice you can get to alter your daily routine and reset your mindset.  Such words of wisdom help you embrace the spontaneity of ideas, which in turn fall from our fingertips into the form of words and – with the help of some guiding force – spell out action coupled with real results.  But it’s that last monumental step “action” that sometimes seems to evade us, leaving our best ideas...

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