Month: February 2016

13 Biggest Oscar Snubs of All-Time

“And The Winner Is”…MoreMentum’s List Of Winners Of The Biggest Oscar Snubs Of All-Time Hollywood’s top prize was handed out over this past weekend, making and solidifying the careers of actors, actresses, and filmmakers across the board. But with every big win, comes nearly four losses – make that seven if you count this year’s Best Picture nominees. Every year, there is a film, star, or director who gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the coveted golden statue. And for the audience, the real fun and fireworks begin once the first crop of winners are...

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10 Unexpected Feel Good Films

10 “Unexpected” Feel Good Films:Inspiration Overlooked, Until Now How a feel good film story affects your inner sensibilities usually determines it’s lasting power. I think we can all agree that there is a certain type of magic that happens when we view a film that rises above run of the mill like mercury in a thermometer when heated. It’s the kind of cinematic magic that, for two glorious hours, whisks you away into a world where anything is possible and the only reality you feel is taking place onscreen. A powerful film can motivate, inspire, and reenergize our spirit to...

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How To Write a Logline

How To Write A Logline That Reels in Any Audience Writing a good screenplay is a physical, mental and emotional marathon. Whittling it down to a line or two to get someone to read what you just poured your heart and soul into? Now that is a more precise and daunting challenge. Let’s face it, having an accomplished producer or agent read 100+ pages from an unknown writer and then expecting them to send you a response (even if a negative one) is a major endeavor in and of itself. As artists, our creations are like our children. We conceive them in a...

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IP Protection: 5 Rock-Solid Ways To Protect Your Idea

IP Protection: 5 Need-To-Know Tips To Theft-Proof Your Concepts & Scripts What do Avatar, Coming To America, The Matrix, Animal House, Frozen, Titanic and 12 Years A Slave all have in common? Believe it or not, each of these popular, blockbuster films was sued for Copyright infringement. That’s right; each of these films’ producers, film companies and directors were taken to court because someone felt that their idea had been blatantly and outright stolen by them. Yes, even James Cameron has been sued multiple times over claims that both those blue people in Avatar and the doomed souls in Titanic...

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Girl Power: TV Superhero Women Finally Flying High

From Wonder Woman to Supergirl:  Escaping the Shadows of ‘Super’ Men and Saving a Generation Absent of Superhero Women When Supergirl (aka Kara Danvers) starring Melissa Benoist landed on the CBS line-up in 2015, it had been 40 years since a female superhero had been the lead in a primetime show. And the most recent small-screen portrayal of the Kryptonian family crest  “S” has proven stronger than ever, grounded in the harsh reality of today, which includes the battle of being a modern day woman. “For the last twelve years I hid who I was. I don’t have to anymore,...

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