Month: March 2016

Women Who Rule the World: Top Global Female Celebrities

Honoring Women’s History Month in Movies: Female Celebrities That Re-Define Star Status It’s women’s history month, and even though we should always take the opportunity to honor the great achievements of female celebrities, we’re taking time to shine an even brighter light on actresses around the globe that may not be known to some of you. Female celebrities have made a profound impact on the entertainment industry both as actresses and viewers. But unfortunately, female actresses are not always heralded in the same way as their male counterparts. In the past, only a small number of films had female leads that were responsible...

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How To Take Your Elevator Pitch to the Top Floor

The Elevator Pitch:  5 Steps To Help You Ride Success Dream with me for a few sentences: You’re in an office building in downtown LA where you work a boring and mundane job. You can’t stop yourself from yawning because you were up late working on the perfect logline for the script you’ve spent the last three months writing. You get on the elevator and the worst thing that can possibly happen on an elevator happens; it gets stuck. Totally perturbed, you turn to your right and notice that some unlucky soul has the privilege of joining you. But you...

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Dialogue Writing: How To Make It Sound REAL

Excel In Your Dialogue Writing By Taking Advantage of Any Situation It’s Margarita Monday in Northridge, California. Here I am sitting at the bar…alone, drinking a poorly blended, heavily salted peach margarita and ravenously eating from a big basin of stale tortilla chips. Hypertension anyone? It’s the middle of the day, and my only class that so happens to fall on Margarita Monday has been canceled, which means I have no choice but to take full advantage of this inebriated institution.   I live on campus because it’s the cheapest place I could find while I finish film school, and Margaritas plus Mondays are...

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Mystery Solved: Entertainment Industry Terms Defined

Production / Entertainment Industry Terms You Need to Know In my last blog, I gave you a list of 40 jobs in film and television that you should know. Let’s pretend that you’ve snagged one of those entertainment industry jobs in the matter of time it took you to read that article, because you’re awesome like that and Hollywood is totally fair that way. Life on set can be like traveling to a foreign land; if you don’t know the lingo or what certain terms mean, you can easily get lost in translation. Maybe you didn’t go to film...

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40 Hollywood TV and Film Jobs You Should Know

40 Hollywood Film Jobs: Where Do You Fit Into the Picture? Welcome to Hollywood! You’ve gathered all of your things, stuffed them inside of boxes, and now you’re just waiting on your big break. Will it be in television work or film jobs? It’s only a matter of time before you’re walking the red carpet, answering questions about your dating life (or rebutting rampant dating rumors), talking about “who you’re wearing”, and mulling over what type of speech you’ll give as you accept your big Hollywood award. Stay with me… So in what category will you receive your prestigious honor?...

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