Month: May 2016

8 Short Films With BIG Impact

8 Must-Watch Short Films With BIG Impact I’m going to make a pretty bold statement: Nobody watches short films, NOBODY. Or at least, not enough people realize the gargantuan heart a short film pulsates – from the very first frame to the last.   Case in point, it was almost impossible to get my parents to watch my own short films when I was in film school. And trust me when I say, during the few occasions when they finally did, my own mom and dad painfully uttered, “I don’t get it.” That’s the life of a short filmmaker, making passionate pieces of...

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15 LIFE-CHANGING Graduation Speeches That Inspire

These Unforgettable Graduation Speeches Are STILL Changing Lives It’s been a year since I completed my undergrad program and graduated film school, and I can’t say that I remember the graduation speeches from the ceremony or who even spoke. That’s not a jab at the speaker though.  Here’s why…   My mind was reeling and and my thoughts definitely floated somewhere else during my graduation ceremony.   In the pit of my stomach stirred feelings of anxiety mixed with relief, and a side of anger. My anger came from the fact that I somehow led myself to believe this: Graduating...

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Film School vs No Film School: Is It Worth The Risk?

Go Big or Go ‘Broke’… Is Film School For You? The Risky Business of Film School Versus No Film School “To this day, I actually think that rather than go to film school, just get a camera and try to start making a movie.” -Quentin Tarantino What do Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan have in common? Besides being incredible filmmakers who have produced cinematic classics and have amassed cult followings for their films, none of these accomplished directors ever went to film school.  And Steven Spielberg didn’t attend film school until late in life and way after he had already...

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“Unexpected” Film Production Jobs To Build A Hollywood Career

“There are no small roles” in TV & Film Production Earlier this year, we posted one of our most popular blogs: 40 Hollywood Jobs You Should Know.  We listed 40 of the more “traditional” TV and film production jobs (such as Writer’s Assistant, 1st AD, Grip, Best Boy, Showrunner, Visual Effects Artist), but this time around, we’ve compiled a diverse list of unconventional, behind-the-scenes jobs that are also a very major part of the film production, television and digital production process. Why? Because before cameras start rolling, budgets need drafted, sets need built, and a slick web interface is crucial...

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2016 SUMMER MOVIES: Ultimate Guide

MoreMentum’s Definitive MUST-SEE Summer Movies List Summer movies are fast-approaching – call it “Christmas in July” – a time when our favorite superheroes leap from the page and onto massive IMAX screens, best-selling books turn into live action, sweeping sagas, and the sequels and reboots we thought would never see the light of day, surge to life in the form of massive adrenaline thrill-rides. So, if you haven’t been keeping up with what’s on the movie schedule for Summer 2016, no need to hyperventilate, we’re spilling the goods on the biggest summer blockbusters…and more importantly, why they’re worth checking out: Blockbuster:  Captain America: Civil War...

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