Month: June 2016

When “Stopportunity” Knocks: How To Deal With Rejection

Suffering A Career Setback? 5 Ways on How To Deal With Rejection & Turn It Into Victory Learning how to deal with rejection is something that every human being faces at some point in life, but none of us quite know how to handle it.   Rejection is inevitable, showing us the ugliness of it’s “growing pains” even when we’re just kids. Even established writers and directors get rejected, fired, and told that their ideas won’t sell or just plain stink, or worse yet, to leave the dream behind and “get outta here!” Steven Spielberg, Marilyn Monroe, Oprah Winfrey and...

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Hollywood Actor Gives REAL Advice on How To Become An Actor

Brionne Davis on How To Become An Actor: It’s Time To Tell YOUR Story   The Importance of Finding Purpose & Giving Back Embrace of the Serpent has garnered over twenty awards since the film’s release in 2015, including a 2016 Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. The Columbian adventure drama has rocketed to the top of both critics and audiences “must see” lists with its mind-bending visuals and life-altering portrayal of the Amazon jungle, casting a much needed light on the ravages of colonialism and mankind’s modern efforts to destroy the planet. In MME’s exclusive third interview with...

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Crowdfunding Sites Basics & How YOU Can Profit

Crowdfunding Sites Basics When I was a child, being creative was easy. All I had to do was pick up a crayon and apply it to a blank piece of paper to express what I had in my head. As adults, our creative visions need more than crayons and paper, they need prime lenses and a steadicam. That ish costs money—and lots of it! Whether you’re making a feature film, web series, or documentary, you need a lot of cash; cash that young filmmakers don’t usually have. In fact, I think I just passed a director on the freeway with...

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