Month: July 2016

Setiquette: Mastering Hollywood Biz Film Set Etiquette

Setiquette: Mastering Set Etiquette in the Hollywood Biz When most people think of movies being made, they think that part of the process involves three wishes and a genie in a lamp. Yes, making movies and TV shows can be magical. However, if you’ve ever stepped foot on a film set, you know that the atmosphere can change and make a sharp turn in tone; going from Tinker Bell and her fairy dust to feeling more like a hellacious witch’s cauldron in a matter of moments. The art of filmmaking is one thing, with its own set of challenges and...

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Could Creating a Web Series Score You A TV Show?

How Successful TV Shows Began By Creating A Web Series During my junior year in film school, I signed up for  TV Comedy Writing with the hopes of learning how to write (and one day be employed) for a major television show. The allure of writing for television is the opportunity to tell a story over an extended period of time with characters you love (or love to hate). As part of our course work, we had partners and were instructed to pick a TV show that was currently airing and develop an original episode around that particular show. I chose...

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Screenwriter of “Underworld” Gives Invaluable Guidance

Insider Tips on How To Become A Successful Screenwriter, No Matter the Genre Dirk Blackman with Outlander (2008) cast members Exclusive MME Interview with Dirk Blackman, Screenwriter of Sci-Fi Hits “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” and “Outlander” In this exclusive MME interview, I had the great pleasure of chatting with my film school professor and mentor, Dirk Blackman, who just happens to be one of Hollywood’s most accomplished and respected screenwriters. The films he’s brought to life are some of most iconic action-packed, fantasy sci-fi movies of the last decade. Of his many otherworldly creations, you might remember the...

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