Month: August 2016

Edit, Set, Go: Becoming A Hollywood Script Editor

A 4-Step Guide For The Beginning Script Editor Sixteen is an exciting year in any teenager’s life, and for me it presented an exciting opportunity because I was able to get my first job. I worked as a stock boy at the sneaker store Finish Line.  For a few hours a week, I kept control of the inventory for seven bucks an hour. I came in on the middle of pay week and after two weeks, I was giddy to receive my first check, only to open it and stare blankly, wondering where did my money go!?  My total...

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Key To Success: Don’t Let These 5 Career Myths Stop You

Is Your “Comfort Zone” Really A Danger Zone?   The Mainstream World’s “Key To Success” May Be A Creative’s “Kiss of Death” If you’re truly a creative human being, then you may already be familiar with feeling guilty or experiencing that tinge of fear every time you make the choice to veer from “the norm”. At a very young age, I was taught that the notion of being creative equals being “different” and that’s not a good thing. For instance, school spirit typically means rallying around athletics and student government, while art class and marching band are usually the...

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Hollywood Insider Reveals 3 EASY Steps To Pitching Your Film Script

Hollywood Insider: Pitching a Film Script in ONLY 3 Steps, 10 Sentences Between my producing partner and I, we’ve pitched so many projects that it’s almost easy to forget that pitching is an art form in and of itself.  That’s because your job as a TV pitchman starts with creating a want and a need. After all, that is the heart of any pitch: sometimes a development executive doesn’t know what they want, until you tell them. However, no medium requires the precision, expertise and knack for masterful storytelling than when you’re pitching a film script. We discussed the creation process of real,...

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Sleek Superhero Style: Geek Clothing For Your ‘HERO WITHIN’

Hero Within Carves Out A Niche & Builds a Brand in High-End, Men’s Geek Clothing “Our goal is not to just create apparel… it’s really a platform to tell heroic stories.” -Hero Within, Co-Founder/CEO, Tony Kim How a Comic Fan Built a DC® Licensed Geek Clothing Brand…IN LESS THAN 6 Months We’re all super fans at heart, who dream of the day when it’s “our time” to fly and land smack-dab, front & center of Hall H, where our name is inscribed in black and white on some star-studded panel. The bum-rush of attendees, press outlets and die-hard fans serve as confirmation that our dream,...

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Top Hollywood Camera Assistant Says THIS Can Help Anyone’s Career

Making It To The Top Of The Hollywood Food Chain: Benjamin Steeples Shares His Uncustomary Recipe For Success THIS TOP CAMERA ASSISTANT LANDED HIS DREAM JOBS IN “THE BIG BANG THEORY”, “MOM, “TOSH.O” & FILM, “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3” To get a Hollywood dream job, we’ve all fantasized about writing that perfect cover letter and resume. You know, that “page turner” that will have HR immediately call and grab you by the lapels through the phone, yelling, “Can you start today!?” Well, unfortunately, the hard, cold truth is getting a job in Hollywood has a lot less to do with your skill sets and education...

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