Month: September 2016

Late Night Comedy Writing: Inside Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Writer’s Room

Comedy Writing: The Ridiculous, The Hilarious, The Entertaining…          Road To The Top Joe Strazzullo currently serves as staff writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!  If you follow Joe on Twitter, you’ll see why people like Jimmy Kimmel pay Joe to make their show not just funny, but consistently funny and entertaining in the fierce competitive landscape of late night television. Joe is obviously doing something right… But what you watch play out at 11:30pm actually begins very early in the morning for late night TV show writers like Joe. His day starts when the rest of the country...

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Nowhere Near Hollywood: Top 10 Cities for Film Industry Jobs

The 10 Best Places to Find Film Industry Jobs & the Cities That Give Hollywood a Run for its Money Update 8/22/2017: Mr. Robot, Shades of Blue, Gotham, Orange Is the New Black, these are just SOME of the biggest TV shows filming in NYC. With more productions taking advantage of the city’s big tax credit, now is the BEST TIME to not only crew up and find the perfect TV & film job, but hopefully check out everything the city has to offer. Luckily, our friends at Jen’s Reviews have done much of the heavy-lifting for you with a detailed, “shot...

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Comedienne Alycia Cooper ‘Stands Up’ & Tells How You Can Too

This Comedienne Says It’s Good to Get Laughed At… One Joke at a Time When I first moved to Los Angeles for film school in 2013, I didn’t have any friends, or any transportation to get around for all the fun that LA has to offer. The other obstacle was that I was a broke student, so that significantly cut the amount of things I could get into, in the City of Angels. Because of this, the world of stand up comics became my savior. After attending a birthday party at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard,...

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Hell or High Water: A TV Producer’s Life Aboard Hit Show ‘Deadliest Catch’

A First-Hand Account of What It Takes to Be a Reality TV Producer on Deck of ‘Deadliest Catch’ There are two things that instantly come to mind when I’m catching Deadliest Catch – 1) How do the cameramen (women) hold up; and 2) Why isn’t Dramamine a sponsor? While I have firsthand knowledge of the rigors and demands of  being a reality tv producer in the sometimes “stormy seas” of reality television – having covered everything from producing man-on-the street and car competitions to filming patients in the operating room and those revealing their darkest fears and frailties – no genre of reality television is...

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Nine Inch Nails’ Charlie Clouser on Composing A TV & Film Score

Charlie Clouser Takes Composing a TV & Film Score By the Throat & Pulls Us Inside the Mind of a Genre Master As a kid growing up in Ohio, I was surrounded by just about every genre of music. No, I’m serious. My house was filled with everything from The Beatles, Hall & Oates, Motown, country and Latin music to Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Tears For Fears, New Edition, Guns N’ Roses and even various soundtracks and a tv and film score here and there. My childhood memories are catalogued like a music playlist and when a particular image makes its way to the...

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