Month: December 2016

The Best Holiday Movies You’d NEVER Expect

The Top 10 Best Holiday Movies That’ve Been Kept Under Wraps…Until Now It’s holiday season, and you know what that means (for most of us), backbreaking snow shoveling, last minute gift shopping, and after all is said and done, hopefully a much-deserved, break – in the form of bing-watching some of the best holiday movies. During the holiday break, most people use their free time to catch up on their favorite and critically dubbed best holiday movies, while gathering around with loved-ones, even if it means occasionally biting your tongue. If I could sneak down your chimney, I’d say...

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Success On Set: How A Great 1st AD Can Make EVERY Project #1

Crash Course in Becoming a Sought-Out 1st AD: Van Hayden on Managing Productions & The People Who Helped Him Rise to the Top •Van Hayden gives insider info on how to realize your dream of becoming a 1st AD and storyteller in film & television. •More than just logistical, find out how to sharpen your creative eye just by tapping into ever day experiences. •Hear the advice Oscar winning actor Sean Penn gave the 1st AD that propelled Van’s career. •Discover resources such as guilds and councils that can grow your network and make an impact in Hollywood. •Find out how Van helped discover...

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Working at Google: Programmed for Success & Coded in Diversity

Google’s Diversity in Entertainment Ambassador, Daraiha Greene, Educates Underrepresented Groups on Importance of STEAM •Daraiha Greene gives invaluable insight into working at Google and the mega-tech’s unwavering commitment to America’s youth and diversity. •She shares her own journey as a woman of color, Dartmouth grad, and dedicated Googler, herself. •You’ll gain insider info on how Google’s first scripted web series, “God ComplX”, came to fruition.  “For young people, I would say definitely learn the art of networking. Never be ashamed of who you are; share it with the world.” -Daraiha Greene  Google is at the forefront of the push to diversify the...

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