Month: January 2017

Building Super “Sets”: Hollywood Art Department & Propmaking

•Find out how a background in construction can pave the way to prop making…and a good salary •Hollywood jobs “under the radar”: How TV & film credits could provide hidden opportunities for unknown jobs •The road from non-union to union and how one Propmaker made the coveted leap •California’s tax incentive: a boon for production and especially Propmakers, who are in high-demand More Than Just Handheld Objects, Propmakers Literally “Set” the Stage “When you’re watching a show or movie, read the credits and look up the job descriptions. You might find a job that you didn’t know about but...

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Kevin Hart Comedy Show & Stand Up Comedy Star is YOU

•Rising star Anthony Moore tells how friends/Twitter validated his comedic talents, which led to leaving his day-job •Despite being told he was “funny” but needed “speech classes” from network heads, Anthony chased his dream  •A chance meeting with Kevin Hart’s comedy team led to an appearance on Comedy Central’s Hart of the City •Anthony shares his experience in being chosen by Hart and why an online presence is a stand up “must”  Kevin Hart Comedy Show Takes the Funny to the Streets To Find Next Big Stand Up Comedy Star… The “Heart” of Success: Anthony Moore If you’re looking for inspiration to follow a dream in entertainment,...

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Passion with a Plan: How to Pitch an Idea in Hollywood & Get it Sold

Development Executive Christina Sibul: Hollywood “Flyy Girl” With 20 Successful Years Under Her Belt on How to Pitch an Idea •From Novel to Academy: How Sibul helped turn Sideways into an Oscar-winning hit •Development Exec talks helping Paul Giamatti, who disliked auditioned on tape, land breakout role in Sidways •Whether your project is TV, film, drama, or comedy, Sibul shares the secrets to a winning pitch •Film festivals versus ‘going viral’: career advice on the things you should be doing to establish your career •Hollywood development programs that maximize your creative exposure and help leverage credibility “This is the thing about the film industry, there is...

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Best of 2016: TV & Movie Tips To Boost Your Career RIGHT NOW

Best of 2016: Hollywood Pros Give Practical, Insightful and Inspired Television & Movie Tips that Could Be the “Tipping Point” in ANY Career In the last year, our “little” blog has grown tremendously with television and movie tips meant to help you succeed in Hollywood or any career, for that matter. But we couldn’t have accomplished this alone. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have many, and we mean many notable industry professionals share their “Hollywood” stories with us. Our interviews don’t hold back in any regard and put on full display the deeply personal, moving, and truly inspiring journeys. Such journeys often...

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