Month: February 2017

Making a Web Series: Using A “Three Act” Structure

My Journey in Making a Web Series with Rising Star Anthony Moore, From Kevin Hart’s “Hart of the City” •From stand up to STAND OUT: How comedian Anthony Moore became a leading man & “Sneakerhead” •Web series creator gives step-by-step instruction on how to create your own hit web show •Exclusive: How a “3 Act” structure can help you easily assemble an ENTIRE web series •Learn how to write, produce, cast, and shoot a web series with little-to-no budget I recently had the opportunity to spotlight rising star, Anthony Moore. A gifted, young comedian, whose talents shone brightly on the national...

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Valentine’s Day 2017: Top Love Movies for “Lonely Hearts”

Top Love Movies: Films for Lovebirds Roosting at Home on Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine’s Day, or as I like to say, “Happy Top Love Movies Day”, being the self-professed guru of Netflix recommendations. The “Heart Holiday” is more than just a day for giving my girl chocolates, flowers, and a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant—although all of those things are checked off my list. Today is also about embracing the different connections that we have in our lives. These complicated yet important life intersections are rarely explored when it comes to Valentine’s Day-based films. This is why we are redefining the...

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“Field” of Dreams: Time-Saving Production Tips for Producers

The BIG Picture: How Field Notes & Hot Sheets Can Help Track and Sharpen Your Story Skills •Non-scripted production means anything can happen at anytime…capture the action with these production tips •Field Notes & Hot Sheets are “un-scripted” staples, we give a step-by-step process to mastering each one •These production tips also provide a snapshot of the day to the entire production, thus giving you a competitive edge •A listing of apps that will help you get the job done even faster Here at MoreMentum, one of the things that we pride ourselves on is sharing helpful production tips. We post blogs on numerous...

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