The Benefits Of Meditation And Prayer Helped Iconic Hollywood Director Rise From The Ashes 

Iconic Director & Actor Bill Duke: How Meditation Saved My Life from MME_Online on Vimeo.

During MoreMentum Entertainment’s debut seminar series at the Los Angeles Film School, acclaimed actor and director Bill Duke (X-Men: The Last StandAmerican GigoloPredatorSister Act 2Deep CoverMenace II SocietyHoodlumA Rage In HarlemNot Easily Brokenrevealed one of the darkest and scariest moments of his early life. Bill Duke told an intimate crowd of how the “CIA” had hatched a plan to use a poison-filled gas cloud to kill him…or so he thought. The troubling reality was that the actor had actually been caught in the powerful grip of drugs. In this exclusive excerpt, Duke tells a harrowing and inspiring account of how he hit rock bottom as a drug user and how the benefits of meditation and prayer saved his life.

benefits of meditation morementum entertainment

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benefits of meditation morementum entertainment

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Bill Duke:  Transcendental meditation, when I say it saved my life, I’m not exaggerating.  I hit a point in my life um, in New York City as a stage actor where I became um…homeless.  And two things happened.  I was begging for money on the street one day, and I said, “Ma’am, can you give me some money please?”  And she said this thing to me that I’ll never forget as long as I live.  She said, “Son, do your mama know you’re here doing this?”  So that took me off the street for a minute.  But then I fell back into drugs, right?  And I was taking acid and some other things, right?  And acid you have flashbacks and paranoia and everything so… And I looked out the window of the bus that was picking me up, and I saw a cloud.  And I said, “Damn, there they are.  The CIA.  They got a poison glass — gas cloud.  They’re trying to surround me with.”  So I got off the bus, I walked across the street, and the cloud came down, right?  As the cloud got lower — I’m 6’5″ — it got lower on the street, right?  And then I eventually end up with these two paint cans crawling on the sidewalk, looking at people’s shoes, crawl up the steps to my apartment.  Got to the apartment and I collapsed in the garbage that was there.

An hour and a half later I woke up.  I stood up — I sit up in the garbage and I said this out loud, I said, “Hey Bill, you’re gonna up from there or down from here.”

I used to go to major cathedrals and sit in the back — I just sat there.  I don’t know why I was there, but I know now that God was healing me in silence.  You know silence can heal you, you know, and then I was in play and my friend [inaudible] said, “You know, Bill, you’re pretty down there low.  You gotta do something.  And meditation–I do transcendental meditation.”  She said, “That can help you.”  I said, “Get out of here.”  So I tried it, but then I would meditate and I would take drugs and meditate and take drugs.  And so she said, “Okay, okay…if you meditate for three weeks straight and take no drugs of any kind, I’ll buy you an ounce of anything you want.”  I said, “bet”.

‘Cus I’m thinking you know I’m gonna do this and it ain’t not gonna work.  I’ll get an ounce of what I like, right?  First week went by, I felt a little bit… second week went by… and literally the things I was getting from the drugs, started to happen through meditation.  And in the third week, I kissed her hands and took her to dinner.

I meditated ever since, taken no drugs since that time, and it saved my life.  (applause)