MoreMentum Breaks Down 50 Sites to Help Filmmakers & Creatives That Cost Nearly Nothing…But Can Pay Off Tremendously

Whether you’re a writer, director, actor, editor, voice over artist or just possess the need to create, yet need the right advice, more money, a better workflow, or just plain motivated, below are 50 sites to help filmmakers and storytellers just like you.

sites to help filmmakers

Now, go create!

Directing / Filmmaking

Film Riot
Nearly everything you want to know about making music videos to film is covered with a comedic “how to” twist.

Filmmaker IQ
Made by filmmakers for filmmakers, this site covers everything from the technical side of filmmaking to helping you learn cinematic fundamentals, with free courses & lessons.

Indie Talk
A forum in which filmmakers’ share and exchange ideas on such topics as cameras, lenses, cinematography, editing, and more. As the name “indie” implies, small budgets rule, so this site will help with you save money.

No Film School
An informational site for DIY filmmakers and independents run by Brooklyn filmmaker Ryan Koo, broken down into all production categories, including grants, contests & awards.

The 48 Hour Film Project
Held in over 130 cities around the world, this unique competition lets you write, shoot, and edit your film in 48 hours; and if you win, screen it for the chance to win really big!


Go Into the Story
Blogger Scott Myers, a screenwriting professor at the University of North Carolina, gives advice, story analysis of past & present movies, and daily how-to-guides to help young writers.

John August
Accomplished screenwriter of Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” (2003), “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” (2005), and “Corpse Bride” (2005), the Hollywood vet gives everything from career advice to answering your questions.

Write with no mistakes on all your web-based writings with this plug-in that’s 10 times more accurate than MS Word.

Ken Levine
Named one of the Best 25 Blogs of 2011 by TIME Magazine, Ken Levine is an Emmy winning writer, director, producer, and (how cool and random is this) major league baseball announcer.

Real-time collaborative script writing software that lets you write and share with one, two or multiple people at once.


sites to help filmmakers

Subscription-based platform that allows downloads of stock footage, background animations and After Effects templates.

Footage Crate
Free and royalty-free stock footage effects for independent filmmakers and creatives.

Beachfront B-Roll
Download free unique HD stock footage and backgrounds for a multitude of production purposes.

Motion Backgrounds for Free
Over 115,000 motion backgrounds and After Effects templates that are 100% royalty-free, with unlimited downloads.

Completely free HD stock footage and background animations with several types of simple licensing and new clips posted every week.


One of the most trusted and sought-out resources for actors and performers of all ages, including casting calls, forums, and monologues to help you prep for an audition.

Actors Access
Casting Directors submit breakdowns for actors, while actors can create profiles, which include: managing headshots, updating resumes, working with video reels and much more.

The Actors Fund
This charitable organization helps entertainment professionals nationwide by providing such resources such as social services, financial assistance, health & wellness, housing, work and more.

Scene Partner
This app helps actors make learning lines, cues and whole scenes easier, plus a multitude of playback options to include just you or merge friends’ dialog.

WordPress Website Templates
If your headshot is a calling card, then your web site might help close the deal.  Check out these easy-to-use WordPress templates to give yourself online impact.  


Aside from providing editing rental needs, this site offers online training for filmmakers, live webinars and an extensive back catalog of on demand training. Both free and premium membership offerings.

Don’t have footage to practice your editing chops on?  No problem!  Practice real editing with actual shot-for-shot scene footage, then submit it for feedback.

More than 3,000 online learning courses in 8 subject areas: Design, Developer, Web, Business, Photography, Video, Audio, 3D. Free 10 day-trial then 34.99 monthly.

Cloud-based video software that allows both advanced and basic interfaces.

A similar cloud-based video editing software that allows you to edit remotely.

Production Music

sites to help filmmakers

Zero-cost royalty-free music library with the option of a small subscription fee for “non-credit” use.

Purple Planet
Offers both free and premium music for all genres.

Royalty Free Music (Rock)
Free background music that allows you to also share, remix and build upon.

FreeStock Music
Simply register and enjoy 100% royalty-free stock footage music of all genres.
A royalty-free and user-generated sound effects library, all for free.

Creative Staffing Agencies

Global job listings for filmmakers, technicians and facilities.

Find entry-level jobs in entertainment and internships at startups, non-profits, SMBs, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Vitamin T
Vitamin T is a unique staffing agency that helps mid-size companies and ad agencies match you with digital freelance creative talent.

Entertainment Careers
A comprehensive listing for job seekers and employers in all things entertainment, marketing, legal, finance and more.

Apple One
A staffing service that offers employment and career counseling in several branches across the country.


Google Royalty-Free Images
Just “Google” your desired image, then select the Images link, followed by “Search Tools” and “Usage Rights”.

Flickr Creative Commons
Millions of beautiful user-provided photos, illustrating every facet of life.

Touch up your photos, work in layers, add creative effects and more with this free web-based editor.

Royalty-free video, audio and stock imagery, with varying rates and periodic promo codes to save you money.

Over 540,000 free photos, vectors and illustrations that are for commercial use.

Voice Overs

sites to help filmmakers
With over 125,000 artists to its credit, this site has become a booming marketplace to hire voice over artists, where such artists can look for non-union work.

A free, easy-to-use program that has all the editing essentials to help you refine your voice over work.

Blue Microphones
User-friendly microphones at all price points, including USB connecting devices and a nifty showcase of established artists and their Blue Microphone of choice that amplified their vocals into hit records.

Village Green Studios
If you’re marketing your voice, then you need a website that clearly stands out. This site, with its own eye-catching and buzz-worthy interface, is one of the most sought-out in the voice over acting community.

Voice Over Training
Dubbed as voice over training for beginners, this comprehensive site is a guide to learn techniques as well as the voice over business.

Capture Tools

No need to pay for software that lets you download internet videos, instead use this free site.

Capture screen grabs and even video from your computer screen and start sharing.

Transcribe your computer video files, translate voice-to-text and more.

Movavi Screen Capture
Capture streaming video, webcam chats, and record desktop sources.  

Shazam isn’t the only music identifying app out there, Musicxmatch not only tells the song, but gives the lyrics.  If you can’t remember a certain song but only the lyrics, this app will help you find that tune.