Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have currently halted all production as we wait for California state-issued guidelines to guarantee everyone’s safety. However, we are still taking meetings via Zoom for existing and new clients.

We know times are unprecedented and budgets have become even tighter, which is why we’ve recently expanded our services to include commercial businesses and their video needs.  

Nearly every industry has been adversely affected by the novel coronavirus, which is why your prospective clientele – and even existing clients – are seeking a new level of trust. Such trust is shown through the power of video and that’s where MoreMentum® enters the picture.

We have produced, directed, and filmed in a multitude of scenarios from award shows and music videos to docu-style formats and medical programming for nearly two decades. Now, we’re taking our industry experience and delivering engaging, authentic, and client-centered video. We can assure you that our production-protocol and set-safety are priority number one.

At MoreMentum®, excellence starts with seasoned and network-credited producers who just love telling good stories …for you.

Stay tuned for updates on our new video production services, including: 

•360º Virtual Tours

•Video Tour Packages (a la real estate)

•Promotional Video Business Campaigns

Additionally, we will soon expand into scripted content services, including:

•Script Coverage

•Script Doctor & Rewrites


Upcoming Projects


Untitled Nepal Documentary (in association with Healing the Children)

A team of U.S. surgeons led by Dr. Ali Khosroabadi embark on a harrowing medical mission to Nepal, where they will perform life-changing operations to help children that were born with severe foot deformities walk again.  

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