5 Reasons You Should Be Moving to LA, NOW!

How to Reach New Heights & Rise Above the Competition By Moving To LA

As kids, we’re often told to “dream big”, “reach for the stars”, and “the world is your oyster”.

We’re familiar with these goal-related clichés (Carpe diem!) because there’s truth in them.

But words without action, are just…words.

I am a musician…I am a writer…I am a singer…I am in every sense of the word an artist. How I got here is almost a mystery to me when I look back at my life.

I spent much of my childhood and teen years moving from one state to another, never really able to plant my roots or feel like I lived in a place I could call “home”.

Now I know that living and experiencing the unfamiliar is what granted me the escape to find my own talents that beat deep within my own heart. How did I find my own creative pulse and become the person I am today? I chased my dream relentlessly, took a leap and decided on moving to LA.

moving to LA morementum entertainment

As a then young-twenty-something, single girl in a big city, my family and especially my younger (older-acting) brother worried, questioned and even doubted I would “make it”.

After eight years of working extremely hard, leaving the corporate world behind, and investing every bit of my time and energy into my craft, I am for the first time…seeing the real me.

A genuine smile and burning passion are now my benchmarks for career success, because I am now realizing my own creative voice that no one can silence. This is why I can undoubtedly tell you why you should stop dreaming and start doing.

Don’t get me wrong, Hollywood can be brutal, but so is another shift in that stuffy, boring, thankless cubicle.

It is absolutely, positively possible to survive… and thrive in Hollywood. So it’s time for you to make that dream real and make that someday right now.

Here are 5 reasons why should be moving to LA ASAP:

Why You Should Consider Moving to Hollywood

  1. YOU WILL BE OK – Believe it or not, you’re not the first person in the world with a Hollywood dream. Millions have come before you. (Some say up to 50,000 people a month are moving to LA!) The point being, it’s not like you are going “where no man has ever gone before”. Not so scary now, is it? Los Angeles is a vast and diverse playground with many different places to live based on your budget. Sure, we don’t have a New York subway to help you get around, but it’s always sunny in LA, and there’s plenty of ways to navigate from LA metro and cabs to a bike or (better yet) catching a ride with a new friend. If you made it this far, you’ll find a way to get where you need to be in Hollywood. So take comfort in this knowledge and feel safe, knowing that if you do your homework before moving to LA, you’ll land in just the right spot of town that suits both your needs and your budget. I’ve taken the leap myself and didn’t break a bone… not even a fracture. Now it’s your turn to follow suit. So come and jump on in… the water is just fine (especially in Laguna)!

moving to LA morementum entertainment

  1. THE BEST CONNECTIONS – This is an entire city full of talented dreamers and go-getters, just like you. Picture Hollywood as one big college campus. People have come from across the country, and such “transplants” are typically alone in the beginning. You might be, too. They’re far from family and in your exact same, worn and tattered shoes. It’s a crowded place and you truly can’t take a walk, go to the grocery store, eat at a restaurant, or go catch a flick without running into to someone who is involved in the entertainment industry in one way or another. I’ve gotten tips from neighbors on music venues to play in, and the cashier at a grocery store helped me get in with a background-casting agency. The big guys are around as well. I ran into Rihanna while walking my dog on Melrose Avenue, and she gave me the number to her dog breeder (only in LA as they say). I’ve been on a stair climber next to Melanie Lynskey at my gym and seated next to Ty Burrell at a local restaurant and even randomly bumped surf boards with the Co-President of OWN & Harpo Productions, Erik Logan. After catching a few waves, and hearing of my story and what “drives me”, he invited me to his network headquarters for an official meeting. See how it all works? The point is, you are never too far from a resource or source for guidance, support, camaraderie or just pure inspiration from other entertainment industry hopefuls and achievers. Don’t get me wrong, family is great, but when was the last time dad got you an audition for a major motion picture?

moving to LA morementum entertainment

  1. PERCEPTION IS REALITY – If you haven’t thought about moving to LA yet, take a look at your current living situation. Day in, day out, rinse & repeat, and that’s what you will perpetuate. It’s time to break the cycle of going nowhere. Moving to LA, going about your day, side-by-side with other industry professionals, driving by studio lots, current shoots on-location, famous shoot locations, and other well-known industry landmarks, creates an atmosphere of inspiration, motivation and encouragement that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. I’ll use the college analogy again, but moving to LA is like moving away to college. You can’t get the full “college” experience unless you live in that 2ft x 2ft dorm room, with the mini fridge and shared shower that gives you athlete’s foot. Unless you are there, there’s a disconnect that completely alters your environment and experience and could very well alter your outcome, as well.

moving to LA morementum entertain

  1. REAL DEAL OPPORTUNITIES – How many TV shows tape in your town? Add to the list: major films, movie premieres, award ceremonies, a hit web series, etc. The opportunities in Hollywood are endless, but you can’t get the work if you aren’t where the work is. It’s that simple. Hollywood is home to the “Big 6” (20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Colombia Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Walt Disney Pictures) movie studios and all these giants are all within a few miles of each other. Shall I start with the music entities? (Capitol Records, Warner Music Group, EMI, ASCAP, BMI). Not to mention all the industry guilds, specialty schools & workshops, prestigious comedy clubs, iconic music venues, the list goes on and on. These places don’t run themselves. They constantly have job openings and are hiring daily, but the commute from Ohio is a real drag. So get your butt out here.

moving to LA morementum entertainment

  1. IF THEY DID IT, SO CAN YOU – Think the odds are against you? They may very well be, but even if they are, some of the most successful Hollywood celebrities started out in the most unlikely and tragic of circumstances. Did you know that Charlize Theron’s father was an alcoholic, who later lost his life at the hands of her own mother? Somehow she managed to overcome such horrific pain and grief and pursued her dream with iron-will of being a dancer, only to see those dreams shattered when she suffered several career-ending knee injuries. Luckily, fate intervened and Theron, after moving to LA, her life was forever changed when a Hollywood agent saw her in a bank. Charlize Theron went on to win a SAG Award, Golden Globe and ultimately an Oscar for lead actress in Monster.  Here’s another example I really love, because once again it shatters the perception of those we think “have it all” or portray characters on-screen that don’t seem to have a worry in the world.  Jim Carrey lived a tumultuous early-life. Carrey used to live in a van and work as a janitor to help his family survive, after his father lost his job. His mother also became very sick, prompting him to drop out of high school. I can’t imagine the inner turmoil he must’ve struggled with and reconciled to get up the courage to decide on moving to LA, but he found the light within him to do so. (Can you believe he was turned for Saturday Night Live!?) Carrey knew he was destined for success in Hollywood so much so that in 1990 (as a struggling comic) he wrote a check to himself for $10 million dollars for “acting services rendered” and 5 years later he realized his dream. Today, we adore Jim Carrey not because he’s the entertainment superstar without even trying, but he’s also a man who’s shown us how he can move a crowd to tears like he did with his inspirational and awe-inducing commencement speech.

Don’t look at your current circumstances, look beyond them just like Theron, Carrey and many other success stories that made the bold decision of moving to LA. These entertainers have mastered the art of illusion with their lauded and beautiful performances because they mastered the secret of making their own luck.  

Moving to LA is the first step in succeeding in your entertainment aspirations. The second requires you equipping yourself with a steel-framed mindset, being that there are many people waiting to meet you, just as you are waiting to meet them.

My 5 reasons on why you should be moving to LA now are just the tip of the iceberg and a small glimpse of my personal journey.

I hope sharing a bit of my life, perspective and insight into the place I now call home serves as the game changer that shifts everything in your life forward and with great momentum.


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