Raz Adoti: First Audition & Career Advice


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Actor and filmmaker Raz Adoti sat down with MME to discuss the risks and rewards of being an actor, and how being prepared can make the difference in the two.He delves deep into his personal experience auditioning for the first time and shares how his college drama teacher played a pivotal role in him landing his very first acting job.  Raz learned early on that his passion for acting was not based on a desire for money or fame, but merely the love of the art of acting itself.  Raz’s keen insight and heartfelt advice on working in entertainment provides a transparent and honest road map that young industry hopefuls can use to help them navigate down the path of their own creative dreams.


Hi, I’m Raz Adoti actor/filmmaker and you may know me from films such as Black Hawk Down, Cover, Resident Evil, Amistad, Doom, Haven to name a few…and don’t forget to check me out in the The Summoning, upcoming next year. [2016]

I knew that I wanted to become an actor when I was umm… probably my last year of High School.  And in the UK, my final year, I was 15.

Growing up in London, I’d say the actors who most inspired me are — the first time I really kind of sat back and acknowledged the performance, I remember one day, I just happen to catch Othello, was on I think BBC2 and um, Ian McKellen was playing Iago.  It was just amazing.  I’ve never been that captivated by any individual’s performance.  I was just completely enamored and blown away by what he did.  The subtleties of his work as well as his, his belatedness, his brazenness, like it was fearless.  It was a fearless performance, and I just loved it.  Also, Gary Oldman was a big influence on me was well, starting out.  The first few things I saw of him that he did was just fantastic.  Ian McKellen and Gary Oldman are I’d say the two – at least when I was first starting out – the two most influential British actors on my career.

I knew that I wanted to become an actor when I was umm… probably my last year of high school.  And in the UK, uh, my final year, I was 15 when I knew I wanted to become an actor, after a long line of other professions that I wanted to do.  Uh, yeah, I had formal training.  The onus was always on education, and that’s why my parents first came out to the UK in the first place.  So, I knew that I had to go to college and do something and I knew acting was never going to be a popular choice.  I don’t think with anyone’s parents really unless their parents are already in the industry.  So, uh, with that in mind, I just knew, “Okay, If I’m going to do this acting, which I knew my parents are going to be dead against, I’m going to have to somehow at least satisfy them on at least one level, which was going to be the whole qualification thing.  So, I did a two-year course at Barking College, I did …I got BTECH National diploma in the performing arts at that college and after that, I went to drama school, and I did a three-year degree course there in acting.  And uh, it was an amazing experience, I loved it…