Raz Adoti: How Theater Training Paved Road to Hollywood Acting

MME Video Interview – Raz Adoti: My Road to Acting from MME_Online on Vimeo.

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In this MME exclusive interview, actor and filmmaker Raz Adoti shares personal stories of the road he traveled to becoming an actor.  As a young boy growing up in London, his natural love of the arts was ignited by his parents’ support as well as his admiration for entertainment icons Ian McKellan and Gary Oldman. Their impact was so strong on Raz’s life that it prompted him on a sojourn of artistic self-discovery that led Raz to drama school, acting in stage plays, and ultimately landing his very first role on a British television series. Raz divulges how he used those experiences to hone and flex his acting muscle which helped him grow into a stronger and more viable artist.


Obstacles, you know what?  I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve faced any more obstacles here than what I faced in the UK.  It’s just like a risk reward scenario man. And I’ll tell you the reward here is greater, because the industry is so much bigger here.

My first audition, it definitely came while I was in college and I had this fantastic stage-managing teacher called Jackie Gunn.  I remember when we did this show when I was in college and she came up to me after the show and she gave me a really good compliment man, just told me like, you know, “I thought that your performance was great…” or something, “and you were in character the whole time and I really appreciated it.”  She just gave me some really beautiful words of encouragement, but I was just so happy to be a part of it because that was my motivation to do shows, to you know, act.  It wasn’t about being famous.  It wasn’t about being a movie star.  It wasn’t about burning money at that point.  It was just about acting.  So literally, from that first stage show, it just kind of snowballed into me then getting an agent.

If you have (inaudible) or amateur, dramatic kind of Theater Company by you man, you should definitely audition.  Get yourself a piece, like a speech from a movie that you love or speech that you love from a particular play.  Maybe even a novel.  It doesn’t really matter.  As long as you have a passage of dialogue, information that tells a story and that showcases you, get that down in your head.  And audition.  You just need to start going out an audition.  Get some pictures taken.  Even if you have nothing really that you can add on a resume at this point, get some pictures taken so at least you have something.  You have pictures and you have the ability to audition and that is what you want.  You want to be prepared, because when opportunity knocks, you don’t want to be unprepared.  You want to be ready.