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Hollywood Insider Shares Secrets to Successful Script Writing

From working with Spielberg to Sorkin, former DreamWorks Executive and Writer Cinque Henderson tells how an aspiring writer can get their script read.

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, MoreMentum Entertainment hosted its very first “X-Perience MoreMentum Seminar Series” at the revered Los Angeles Film School located in the heart of Hollywood.  The first speaker was former DreamWorks executive and noted writer Cinque Henderson who took the crowd on a riveting and insightful journey from his undergrad days at Harvard—to his brief but exciting time as a stock broker on Wall Street—all the way to him securing a Creative Executive position at the iconic film studio DreamWorks; and being assigned to the historical epic Amistad helmed by Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg.  Cinque shared his personal and sometimes humorous stories of his experiences on the set of Amistad working alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars, including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Djimon Honsou, Matthew McConaughey, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Raz Adoti, and Morgan Freeman, to name a few.Cinque also advised the seminar attendees and aspiring writers about the importance of “spec” script writing based on popular and current shows airing on TV. After working at DreamWorks on several films, Cinque followed his own advice (and his long-held desire to be a writer on a scripted series)  submitted his “spec” script to several producers and agents.

After months of trying, his persistence paid off and subsequently led him to a coveted position as a writer on two NBC series: political thriller E-Ring produced by blockbuster film maven Jerry Bruckheimer and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, created by Emmy and Oscar winning writer/producer Aaron Sorkin. Those experiences led him to a writing position on the groundbreaking HBO series The Newsroom, another award-winning Aaron Sorkin show that raised the bar with its stellar script writing, acting and producing

The seminar concluded with an energetic Q&A session that inspired Cinque to offer personal help (including his email address) to those attendees hoping to follow in his footsteps as a professional script writer.

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