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Here at MoreMentum, we are experienced, award-nominated industry professionals who have written, produced, and edited shows that have been broadcast on major networks including Bravo, CBS, BET, MTV, VH1, GSN, TV One, and OWN.  We’ve also contributed and proven instrumental in the sale of several network series and have also helped raise millions in funding through our sizzle reels.  Now, we are offering our full creative services to provide several types of sizzle reels (and sizzle reel “production”) to fit your specific audience needs.



Featured Video: A “360” view of a Los Angeles based surgeon, showcasing his medical practice, family & friends, social media success, national TV appearances, and international humanitarian efforts.

Structure, style, and personality: these are the three key essential ingredients to create a standout reel that best represents your own vision, skill, and industry experience.  The key components that make for a compelling movie trailer are the same tips, tricks, and personal style that are utilized in creating your producing reel.  We help you pick out the best shots, clips, and dialogue, and when sequenced in the right order, you have an engaging story that starts and ends strong and leaves your viewer wanting more.

Quote: $1,000 – $3,000


Featured Video: A sales reel created for Procter & Gamble, featuring the Fortune 500’s company investment in community activations for African American women in three major U.S. cities as featured on the BET talk show, “My Black is Beautiful”

Leverage your commerce needs with “B2B” (business to business) reels that will help illustrate your company’s offerings and sales achievements as well driving leads, sales, and in forging new partnerships.  Additionally, we offer full copywriting and producing services to help you figure out how to convey and communicate your brand to your target audience the most effectively.  This includes a creative brief / outline as well as a full script, and full guidance on visuals, sound design and music to help convey tone and serve as a call-to-action.

Quote: Project-based


Featured Video: UCLA-based startup Nanotech Energy, makers of a proprietary, environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery alternative, raised $20 million dollars during initial funding with their promotional efforts, including this investor-reel.

Create demand and visualize your innovative and relevant idea to the masses by showing real value with an investor / fundraising reel. We will collaborate with entrepreneurs to help them visualize the potential of their product / service with the creation of an effective sales reel from the ground up, which includes researching successful competitors and hot industry trends, writing a creative brief, and / or outline as well as a full “sizzle” script.  Additionally, we can offer filming and voiceover services for those products / services that require live demonstrations and / or interviews with company founders, testimonials, etc.

Quote: Project-based


Featured Video: A “movie-style” trailer, featuring actors from an Oscar nominated film, for an author’s debut novel that is now the subject of a documentary and television series pitch.

Scale up your project and realize the full potential of your creative vision with a cinematic-style movie trailer that’s offered in both teaser formats (30, 60 or 90 seconds) or full-length (2:30 – 3:00).  We offer our full writing, producing, and editing services, which includes development, footage-screening, scriptwriting, casting (as well as voice actor casting), and complete delivery.  For “rip-reel” style trailers, we also offer researching and retrieving of clips from stock footage houses or third-party footage sites. 

Quote: Project-based

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